Trentleck is the Australian reseller of the HomeBiogas Biodigester


Turn your organic kitchen waste into renewable fuel to cook on with the patented HomeBiogas digester. 

  • Recycle your organic waste & Animal Manure
  • Generate up to 2 Hours of cooking gas daily
  • Get high-quality liquid fertilizer daily
  • Reduce 6 tons of greenhouse gases annually

HomeBiogas is a life-changing innovation that provides a clean-cooking solution for countless families and farmers worldwide by transforming all kinds of organic waste into biogas.

HomeBiogas believes that everyone has the ability to shift to renewable energy by transforming their organic waste with HomeBiogas.

Download the HomeBiogas Brochure here

Download the HomeBiogas Specifications here


NOW AVAILABLE  The HomeBiogas Toilet 

HomeBiogas have created an elegant toilet solution to treat human waste for a modern, off-grid home.  The HomeBiogas bio-toilet directs human waste straight into the biogas digester, turning the organic matter into biogas you can use as a cooking gas.


Download the Biotoilet Brochure here