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Some of out past customers have included;

Parks Victoria
Broadcast Australia
Hornsby Shire Council
Victoria University

Ythan Creek Hydro – Warburton

Tamar Hydro Turbine is Warburton

Ythan Creek Hydro Turbine

This $1.2m project was recently completed and is now producing enough electricity to power 150 homes.

Trentleck provided all the electrical connections for this project including co-ordination with distributor Ausnet services to install a new power pole and metering connection.



Kangaroobie – School Camp

We installed 30kW of solar panels on the roof of the picturesque Kangaroobie school camp near the Great Ocean Road, Victoria.







Mt Owen – Tasmania

A 6kW Kingspan Wind turbine installed at the top of Mt Owen, one of Broadcast Australia’s repeater stations.

This project had our team to working in difficult and remote locations and required extensive planning and co-ordination.


French Island – Eco Inn

We added this 3kW Kingspan turbine to the existing solar power system to help support the loads at this off-grid retreat.





Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market Solar Panels

Back in 2003 we were part of the team working with BP Solar to install over 1300 solar panels on the roof of the iconic Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne.