Solar Ground Mount Framing Kits

 New: 20 Degree Fixed Angle Ground Mount Framing


2 supporting uprights per 4m span.  There also needs to be a spacing allowance of 15mm between each panel for the panel fixing clamps.


Australian Made Solar Panel Mounting Kits   Australian Made Solar Panel Mounting Kits

Trentleck is one the largest companies in Australia that supply high-quality Australian Made Solar Panel Mounting Kits. All Trentleck products are manufactured to the highest level using 100% Australian Made Steel and Marine Grade Stainless Steel to prevent dissimilar metal contact. By using materials of the highest quality and being manufactured in Australia, you can be assured that our kits will stand the test of time.

Made in Gippsland

We are proud to announce that we are keeping manufacturing alive in Country Victoria (Gippsland). All our products are manufactured locally. Our Mounting kits are a safe, quick to install and a cost-effective method of installing Solar Panel Modules to any surface or structure 100% Australian made and owned company


Our products are manufactured using high quality 100% Australian Made Steel and Marine Grade Stainless Steel Manufactured in Rural Victoria

  • Installation time can be reduced by up to 50%
  • There is no need for any on-site drilling or cutting and NO CO² Omissions
  • Panels are held in place using clamps, no need to drill into panel framing which lessens the risk of damage to panels and the risk of voiding panel warranty
  • All modules come with a 10-year warranty
  • Roof mounting kits are certified under the Clean Energy Council
  • Kits can be adjusted from 10 to 50 degrees (North-South)
  • New 20 degree fixed angle kits available.  Other angles available on request.
  • Ground and Roof Kits available
  • Save hundreds on concrete and boring of holes
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Kits are available to suit all Solar Panel brands

Mounting Kit Inclusions

  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel Panel clamps and bolts
  • 8mm earth fixing point patented earth continuity plate
  • Adjustable from 10 to 50 degrees
  • Full Certification and CAD Drawings as part of Clean Energy Council (CEC) requirements
  • Rail sections are used for mounting solar panels onto corrugated, tiled, clip lock roofing or span deck
  • Can be installed on flat or pitched roofs
  • Slots on top and bottom allow for easier installation and added grip when installing clamps
  • All kits come complete with bolts and screws
  • Detailed installation manual provided
  • Specially designed rubber footing for roof mount kits
  • Kits are engineered to comply with Australian Standards for wind zones A,B,C and D

Need some answers? Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions:

What costs are associated with the mounting kits?

There are NO hidden costs; all our prices are available in our brochures.

Are instructions and CAD drawings included?

Yes, upon purchase of any of our kits we supply all CAD drawings and installation instructions.

How do our kits affect the environment?

Our kits are environmentally friendly as they do NOT require the use of hole boring machinery which produce on average 1000 tonne of CO² omissions per cubic meter.

How do our kits save you money?

Unlike our competitor kits that require the hiring of a pump truck for concreting and hole boring machinery, our kits do not require this as we have implemented the Super Foundation into our design which means you won’t be out of pocket for any extras.

How do our kits save time?

By using Super Foundations t is no need for on-site drilling, cutting or concerting so there is no time wasted waiting for concrete setting time. All kits come complete with all the required components so all you have to do is begin the installation process as per our instructions.

Will the product rust or fade?

No, all Stainless Steel is Galvanised, so as long as the product is installed according to our instructions then the product should not rust or fade.

What Materials are used in the manufacturing Process

All Materials used are high quality 100% Australian Product. Kits are manufactured using Marine Grade Steel and NOT aluminium.

Do kits come with a warranty?

Yes, all kits come with a 10-year limited warranty

What solar panels are suited to the mounting kits?

Our kits suit SilexSolar, BPSolar, Sunpower, and Sanyo. However please contact us if you have any other brand of solar panel and we will advise you as to which mounting kit will be best suited to your needs.

Are kits available for ground mounting and roof mounting?

Yes, we have kits to suit ground and roof mounting.

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Trentleck G-Force 20 Installation Instructions 8pp 2020