Why switch to Renewable Power for your home, farm or business?

Trentleck is a leading installer of Solar and Renewable Power in Gippsland and the Latrobe Valley area. By installing one of our solar systems you can use the Sun to power your home or business. This can and help reduce your electricity bills and your carbon emissions. Giving you access to a renewable and clean source of energy.

Successful businesses are those that make the right decisions. Switching to renewable power is one of the best decisions your business could make. Renewable Power can be a fantastic economic investment as it gives your business the opportunity of tapping into the financial and environmental benefits of clean energy.

Make the smart choice and switch to Renewable Power today

– Reduce the impact of rising electricity prices
– Use your Renewable Power during the day and receive free energy
– Saving you thousands of dollars on energy bills each year
– Low risk, secure investment (Payoff within 3 – 4 years). Then it’s free electricity
– Federal Government rebates available


Reduced long term maintenance costs of energy

– Reduced greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions across business activity
– Creates a highly visible statement as to your sustainability commitment

We offer a variety of renewable energy solutions such as solar power, wind power and hydro power.

It is our constant endeavor at Trentleck to provide value for money, trust and doing what is right are core to our business practices.

Trentleck pursue innovative methods to produce clean affordable energy. Our aim is to provide our customers with the simplest approach to their energy needs while securing the financial benefits associated with renewable energy and energy savings schemes.

With an out of box thinking, passion for exceeding expectations, commitment to excellence, and an honest approach, Trentleck offers better technology enabled solutions to its customers. With our tailored business solutions best suited for your requirements coupled with amazing innovations in the field of renewable energy systems, you get the cost-competitive energy while lowering your operating costs reliably and efficiently.

Trentleck promotes an open, honest and transparent approach to business which has helped it gain strong reputation as sustainable knowledge leader in the market. We are modern in our approach when using technology but we believe in an old fashioned approach to service.

The sense of providing value for money, trust and doing what is right are core to our business practices.

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