Why switch to Solar Power for your home or business?

Solar for your home or business

If you are looking for Solar Power Gippsland and the latrobe valley, we are here to help! Trentleck Gippsland and the latrobe valley is committed to providing a specialised service and installation of high-quality solar electricity systems. Our main aim here at Trentleck is to help realise your return on investment in a solar power system. We do this by minimising unnecessary long-term power bill costs.

Why switch to Solar for your home or Business?

Smart families and Successful businesses are those that make the right decisions, and switching to solar is one of the best decisions your business could make. Solar Power can be a fantastic economic investment as it gives your business the opportunity of tapping into the financial and environmental benefits of clean, renewable energy.

Make the smart choice and switch to Solar today.

  • Reduce the impact of rising electricity prices
  • Use your Solar Power during the day and receive free energy. By installing a Solar Power System on your commercial property, you can save thousands of dollars on energy bills each year
  • Low risk, secure investment (ROI within 4 – 5 years)
  • Federal Government rebates available for doing the right thing
  • Systems are custom designed for your facility, for your power usage and budget
  • Creates a highly visible statement as to your sustainability commitment

The economic reasons stack up:

Saves you money
Reduces your energy costs
Improves your sustainability
Home and Commercial Solar makes sense

Our Solution

We offer a turnkey solution from initial feasibility through to installation and final commissioning, including managing the following key tasks:

  • Local Government approvals (if required)
  • Electricity retailer connection agreements and Feed in Tariff negotiations
  • Meter changeover
  • Registration and sale of STCs
  • Finance procurement

Why Trentleck?

With an out of box thinking, passion for exceeding expectations, commitment to excellence, and an honest approach, Trentleck offers better technology-enabled solutions, such as wind and hydro. Our aim is to provide you with the simplest approach to your energy needs while securing the financial benefits associated with renewable energy and energy savings schemes.

The best system components

Our components are sourced from manufacturers that have obtained all relevant accreditation, including IEC, CEC. As well as Australian made Allstar framing made here in Gippsland supplying jobs for the future. We only use the best products to ensure that you have the best possible system.

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