Reducing Energy Costs on Farms

Finding the right solution

At Trentleck we believe that reducing energy costs on farms is one of the most important issues in Farming today. How do Farmers in Gippsland and the Latrobe Valley reduce energy costs. It is our aim to help you reduce those costs. Most companies will look at just adding solar to your property. Where this is often a good idea. It is only the first step in the process

Irrigation pumps and grading machinery

We will walk around your farm to see what equipment is being used and why. What pumps and Equipment you use will all effect the energy costs This could include:

  • Irrigation pumps
  • Grading machinery
  • Hot water and pumps
  • Conveyors

All of which will use electricity to power the motors that keep them running.

Have an Existing Solar System

We will also use our solar monitoring equipment that allows us to access information about how much power they were getting from their existing solar system and where that power was going.

Ausnet Certified

As we are certified with AusNet services we can access your electricity meter and analyse the data to work out exactly what your total usage is. We can also identify what times you are using your power. This is all valuable information that can help us to work out what is needed. We will then explain to you why we are using certain equipment at certain times and thus educated you to the best ways to optimise your energy production and use.

Variable speed drives

But we don’t stop there. By using this data, we could modernise your farm. Educated you to use tools such as variable speed drives to get the best out of the motors. For example, most motors will work flat out when they are turned on. This uses maximum power thus costs. By installing a variable speed drive on a motor, it will only run at the speed it needs to.

It works like this. If a machine only needs to run at 70% of speed to get the job done, the variable speed drive automatically calculates the speed that is needed. Thus, it only runs at 70%. In this case, you are saving 30% on energy use every time it is used.

By adding variable speed drives to all the motors in the farm. we will dramatically reduce the energy consumption in your production. Thus, saving you costs.

How You Use your Energy

We will also look at the way you are using your energy and help change the way you do things.

A More Efficient Farm

Our goal is to reduce your power bills and have your farm running with more efficiency as you will not be replacing parts due to overuse.

Our Solution

We offer a turnkey solution from initial feasibility through to installation and final commissioning, including managing the following key tasks:

  • Local Government approvals (if required)
  • Electricity retailer connection agreements and Feed in Tariff negotiations
  • Meter changeover
  • Registration and sale of STCs
  • Finance procurement

Why Trentleck?

With an out of box thinking, passion for exceeding expectations, commitment to excellence, and an honest approach, Trentleck offers better technology-enabled solutions, such as wind and hydro. Our aim is to provide you with the simplest approach to your energy needs while securing the financial benefits associated with renewable energy and energy savings schemes.

The best system components

Our components are sourced from manufacturers that have obtained all relevant accreditation, including IEC, CEC. As well as Australian made Allstar framing made here in Gippsland supplying jobs for the future. We only use the best products to ensure that you have the best possible system.

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