Solinta is an Australian start-up whose founder has developed a unique Solar PV water heating and thermal energy storage system.

Integrating Solar PV modules, induction technology, thermal energy storage, and AI heating cycle algorithms, Solinta delivers the lowest cost water heating available.

When integrated with a new or existing solar PV energy system, Solinta provides the key to reducing the average household’s imported energy by up to 80% per annum.

Designed for independence, Solinta’s versatile design is suitable for all locations, on or off the grid.

Variable DC energy input with a constant heat delivery

The induction technology will heat water directly from the solar between 40 w to 2000 w. Whenever the solar DC Energy being supplied the induction technology can converter this into heat. This greatly increases the efficiency of the system all the energy produced is converted to heat weather it is full sunshine, clouds or rain.

Hot water demand programming

This feature guarantees constant hot water every day, twice a day, at times that you select. Your pick the times that you must have hot water and the Solinta intelligent management system will guaranty that the hot water is ready for you.

Inteligent LCD touch screen

The control module also houses the LCD Touch Screen and the screen displays all your energy flows and the all relevant data. The screen has several pages for setup and diagnostics, The LCD is the face of the intelligent management system.

Auto and manual boost

Whenever your water temperature drops below 40c the system looks at the solar contribution and if it’s not sufficient enough to get your water temperature to 60c at your demand time the auto boost will begin. Manual boost is started via the touch screen and is used if you know the demand will be continuous when the weather is poor or if you have consumed all your hot water and need it back to temperature quickly.

DC i-switch diversion system

Once the Solinta S270-M1 has heated your water to maximum temperature, (75c) your solar energy is diverted to either your grid inverter, a battery storage system or any other suitable DC load. This feature ensures you are always getting the maximum value from your solar array

High temperature thermal storage capacity

This is a unique feature not offered by any other electric hot water system. The Solinta S270-M1 will take your stored water temperature to 75c and store it with minimum loses due to the cutting edge Hi-Pressure Polyurethane insulation. This enable your excess energy to be harvested, more than 5kWh of energy is  stored and used when required, the 270L cylinder will provide up to 410 litres of 50c temperature controlled, low cost hot water.

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