Why you should only buy quality Solar products?

Why you should only buy quality Solar products?

The Solar industry is booming. And with every industry that booms you get some good people and some bad. In our experience, we have come across many dissatisfied consumers who are left in the cold when their Solar company has done the wrong thing. The best way to avoid the heartache of being disillusioned is to always buy a quality Solar products. To help you out here are some solid reasons why you should buy quality.

The system is built to last.

The Solar System you put in your home or commercial property should last you for many years. Most of the good Solar panels will last up to 25 years. If the panels are going to last so long then It pays to have parts within the system lasting just as long. The last thing you want to be doing is replacing parts repeatedly. This will put a strain on the system as well as your wallet.

The safety issues

We must remember one thing. Electricity is a very dangerous power source. Faulty wiring, faulty parts can cause fire and personal injury including death. Why would you want to put your family or business at risk by using inadequate parts in this energy system? As mentioned in another story (Have you had a call recently story) a Solar installation must be signed off by a government official who gives a thorough check to make sure everything is in place. This process is however often circumvented by less reputable sales organisations who will either do the bare minimum or skip the process altogether. This bear minimum includes cheap inverters and equipment that will break down in a short period. But still, pass the initial tests.

Cheap always end up costing more

When cheap parts are used in a system it is hard to know when something breaks down. This as mentioned earlier will require replacement parts but more importantly, you may be losing valuable feed in. One of the main benefits of a Solar System is the payment that you receive from feeding your excess power into the grid. If a part breaks down your system will draw power from the grid instead of from the Solar. Thus, you will only be notified when you receive your energy bill. Which is often 3 months later. By that time, it is too late to recoup your money.

So, as you can see sometimes the cheaper option will end up costing more. It is better to talk to the right people about a system that suits your needs as opposed to talking to someone who just wants to talk money.