Choosing the right Solar installer what to look for part IV – The Products


We all like to get a better deal for our money. So when companies are giving you a price for something that seems too good. It generally is. When it comes to a solar system choosing the best Solar products is always the better option. Companies will give you a better price will be compromising on the equipment they will be using. So before you go into a contract with a solar company here are a few things you should consider.

Does the manufacturer of each product have an office in Australia?

This is an important question as it relates to how quickly you can get a replacement or service when something goes wrong. When it comes to the inverter it is very important to have someone local to service you. The inverter is one of the most important aspects of the solar system and when it goes nothing will work.

If They have an Australian Office.

Here are things to look for:
If they do have an Australian office, then the after sales support you expect for your system is likely to be available. Ask about the service and what it entails. Make sure you are fully covered in case of an emergency.

If the manufacturer is overseas but has appointed a distributor in Australia, make sure they have a long history in the industry. Make sure they are an authorised warranty agent. this way you are also likely to have good after-sales support.

Make sure that you or the installer fills in any warranty card and the warranty is provided by the company selling you the system. Because when the company stops trading the warranty disappears.

After sales service

Is the person providing your after-sales service within reasonable travel distance?

If you have a system problem and the person responsible for looking after you is too far away, then it may be weeks or even months before you have someone able to check your system.

The Australian solar scene is littered with companies that are here today and gone tomorrow and have left behind a lot of upset customers with a warranty not worth the paper it is written on.