Choosing a Solar Company what to look for Part II – The Installer

In this article, we will be talking about how to look for the right Solar Installer in Gippsland. As mentioned in the last article not all Solar companies are reputable and honest. So how do you find the right Solar company?


Once the sale is completed the real job starts on the solar system. This takes a lot of time and effort to do it right. A Solar installer should be a qualified electrician and have a Clean Energy Council accreditation. So, one of the first thing that you should look for is:

Is there an accredited solar installer on the installation team or supervising your job?

The Clean Energy Council insists that the job is signed off by an accredited installer. Without an accredited person on site, it is illegal to claim the STCs (your deduction on the job). there are many reasons for this one being safety. You are installing an electrical system on your property. this system is generally connected to the grid. If the job is not done to the Australian standards the ramifications could be catastrophic.

Ask for the Accreditation number

Always ask for the accreditation number of the person who will be on site, and check that they actually turn up. There is too much at stake f the job isn’t signed off properly.
Are the solar installation crew employees of the company or long-term contractors?
If they are employees or long-term contractors on an hourly rate, they are more likely to ensure a quality installation. If they are fixed price contractors, usually poorly paid, their only interest is getting the job done as quickly as possible and move onto the next job, so they can make a decent living. This often results in poor quality of installation and corner cutting to get the job quickly.

Once again it is a simple case of asking the right questions and checking out who is really doing the job. There is too much risk going for a cheap operator who just wants to make money out of Solar.