Choosing a Solar Company what to look for Part I

In this series of articles, we will be talking about how to look for the right Solar Company. There are so many solar companies in Gippsland that all have a great offer. They can save you money and lower your electricity costs. But not all Solar companies are reputable and honest. So how do you find the right Solar company?

The Company

There are two main questions that you need to know about the company and they are:

How long have they been in business?

A Solar system is a long-term investment. If things break or are not working properly you will want the installing company to be around to fix it. There are some bad operators out there that will set up a company only to make money. If issues happen such as financial problems, they will close the company and create a new one with a different name shortly after. If you have any problems with the old company, you may just lose your money. Make sure it is a long-standing company before you go into any arrangements.

Are they local and close enough to be able to give you reliable after sales service?

If there are problems, you may want a local firm that will be there for you. Sometimes telemarketers call from companies that are not in your area. They may give you a good deal, but can they look after you when things go wrong?

Trentleck is a full member of SEIA Vic and always follow their rules and ways of doing things.
You are contemplating spending a substantial amount of money so ask the questions and get it right.