Choosing the right solar company part III – The Sales People

In this article, we will be talking about how to look for the right Solar Company by looking at their salespeople. Sometimes you should beware the Solar Salesperson. There are so many solar companies in Gippsland that may have Salespeople calling. They will show you all the benefits of Solar. But not all Solar companies are reputable and honest. So how do you find the right Solar company?


With all companies there is a certain amount of selling that must take place for you to buy off them. When buying a solar system there are things you should be aware of when talking to a solar sales person.

Are the people trying to sell you a solar system, employees of the company?

This point is mainly to do with the setup of the sales activity. Some companies will use external telemarketers to push solar to you. These are generally commission only sales people. Commission only sales people often have a focus on their commission rather than what you need. They are also more likely to apply high pressure sales tactics and they may exaggerate the benefits.

They need the sale

They will generally talk about how they have someone in your area who just wants to talk to you about the benefits of solar. Then the sales person comes to your property and gives you the spiel. Be aware of this approach as both the appointment setter and the salesperson is under a lot of pressure to make a sale. This usually ends up with a disappointing result as falsities and lies may occur to get the sale.

Does the sales person have design and/or installation experience?

If they haven’t been trained on design and/or installation, they may not be able to realistically assess your situation and therefore provide the right advice and quote on an appropriate system. By having the knowledge of energy systems, the person who comes to your property will look at everything before they even talk about solar.

An Energy system

You must remember that you are buying an energy system and not just something that saves you money. If this system is not right for your needs, then it could end up costing you more than you receive.