Have you had a call recently?

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You know that call that comes from a telemarketer informing you of the great money you can make on Solar? We all get them and yes, they are annoying. But there is more to that call than just an annoying pushy salesperson just doing their job. As one of them told me one day while I was trying to brush him off. The problem is that they are destroying the reputation of the Solar Industry.

The Solar Industry

The Solar Industry has a bad reputation of companies trying to scam good people out of their money. But if you looked deeper the industry it is also full of regulations and qualified electricians who really know their stuff. Electricians who have jumped through the hoops that the Clean Energy Council (CEC) gives them to ensure that the standards and safety requirements are met.

Every Installation must be approved

Did you know that every Solar installation must be signed off by a government official who gives a thorough check to make sure everything is in place? This process is however often circumvented by less reputable sales organisations who will either do the bear minimum or skip the process altogether. This bear minimum includes cheap inverters and equipment that will break down in a short period. But still pass the initial tests. Yes, and these are generally the telemarketing organisations that will do this. Their pricing is good but you will pay in the long run.

Do it right

That’s why if you are looking at installing a Solar system at your property make sure it is done by the right company. A company that is CEC certified and the installer is the one you talk to when they come to your premises. An installer who knows what they are talking about and will pride themselves on quality and doing the right thing for you. This way at the very least the equipment is good and will last. And more importantly the system will have the proper safety requirements. We are dealing with electricity, a very dangerous energy source, why would you even consider not using the right quality products.

Use a Quality Installer

So next time a telemarketer calls and tries to sell you a Solar System just let them know that you are in good hands with a quality installer who you have contacted yourself.