Clean Energy Council Accreditation

We are your Clean Energy Council accredited installer Gippsland

We are your Clean Energy Council accredited installer in the Gippsland area.

Central to the Clean Energy Council’s work with solar photovoltaic (PV) installers is an accreditation program we often refer to as the Solar Accreditation Scheme.

Clean Energy Council accreditation is a qualification that demonstrates an installer’s competence in design and installation of stand-alone and grid-connected solar PV systems.

Systems designed and installed by Clean Energy Council-accredited installers are eligible for government incentives and rebates. There are now around 4500 accredited installers in Australia.

Why you should use an accredited installer

Clean Energy Council accredited installers have demonstrated that their solar PV systems meet our extremely high standards of safety and performance.

Using an accredited installer means you can have confidence in the safety, performance and reliability of your solar PV system for many years to come.

There’s also a financial benefit – to receive government rebates for your solar PV system, both the designer and installer must be accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

It not an easy thing to become a CEC accredited installer
There are four main steps that we have completed in the Clean Energy Council’s solar accreditation process.
1. Completed the required training
  • We have completed the relevant training units required for the type of accreditation
  • Grid-connect Design & Install and SPS PV Design & Install
  • We also have endorsements for Wind technology
2. Apply for our provisional accreditation
Once we completed our training, we applied to become professionally accredited.
This entailed us to include copies of our training certificates, electrical licence (if applying for grid-connect install), working at heights certification and public liability insurance (at least $5 million).
  • Our provisional accreditation lasted for three months. We then had to apply for provisional accreditation once every 12 months.
3. Upgraded to full accreditation
  • Before three months are up, we had to apply to upgrade to full accreditation by submitting a case study about one installation you performed while provisionally accredited. This was to demonstrate our competency in designing and installing solar systems.
  • Our case study was assessed by a technical expert who will then approve your application to upgrade.
  • Once approved, our full accreditation lasts for one year after which time we can apply to renew.
4. Renewal and move onto continuous professional development
  • Once we had successfully completed one year as a fully accredited installer, we moved onto the continuous professional development (CPD) renewal scheme.
  • Each year we are required to complete 100 points of eligible training and professional development. This is to ensure we keep up-to-date with changes in the industry, and also to give us access to the latest courses and training opportunities on offer.

We are your Clean Energy Council accredited installer Gippsland


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